My name is Noah Kliemann, and I am an Alumni of the University of Wisconsin Madison with a Bachelors in the Science for Computer Science and a Certificate in Digital Studies.

While at Madison I was also a member of the officer board for the Game Design and Development Club. My role was being the Industry Game Officer, which required me to stay up to date on industry changes within the world of Game Design and present that information weekly to club members. I also assisted with most other aspects of the club including event planning, fundraising, and general administrative tasks. I also spent a signifigant amount of time advising club members on how to proceed with their games.

I love software and coding in general with knowledge of many languages. My proficiencies include Java, C, SQLite, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python, And Unity. I also have experience with C++, C#, R, Visual Basic, PHP, and JSON.


I've lived across the United States; in Washington, Wisconsin, Virginia and Texas, with 7 addresses before coming to Madison. I am an Eagle Scout and a Brotherhood Member in the Order of the Arrow, a National Honor Society within the Boy Scouts of America.

In addition to my enthusiasm for game design and coding, I enjoy playing quite a few strategy games as well as assist one of the Universities League of Legends teams through coaching and spreadsheet crunching, playing tabletop RPG's with friends, and help others with their own projects, whatever they may be.

I can be contacted at for professional inquires.